About us

We are happy to welcome you to La Fattoria di Tatti. Our Bed & Breakfast is managed by the group of women in the photo and was born from a vision of Ruedi Gerber, Swiss director and entrepreneur who has been in love with the Maremma region for a long time.

In the 90’s Ruedi Gerber bought the property Sequerciani, just a few minutes from the village of Tatti, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, woods and with a wonderful view to the sea and the islands.

La Fattoria di Tatti - Staff

Today, Sequerciani consists of several holiday houses and on its wide agricultural land we produce raw natural wines from native grape varieties, olive oil, pasta and flours of antic grains as well as honey, all entirely biodynamic and Demeter certified.

Since 2016 the restaurant/pizzeria Il Barrino di Tatti, with its panoramic terrace and spectacular views over the hills to the sea, is part of our family.

We organize visits and wine tastings directly at the Sequerciani estate (on request).

At the restaurant Il Barrino di Tatti you can taste Sequerciani raw natural wines, pasta and home-made bread and delicious dishes with vegetables from our garden.

the three venues

La Fattoria di Tatti

Il Bed & Breakfast
that is us ;-)

Agri-tourism and biodynamic agriculture
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